Tuesday 22 August 2017

Kevin Myers: Why I won't write about this abomination of democracy

Kevin Myers

No, no: please, please, not a seven-week election campaign. That's as long as it took for the Soviet army to conquer both Vienna and Berlin. But whether it lasts seven weeks or seven hours, I won't be covering the election. It's simple.

Elections give democracy a bad name. And writing about campaigning politicians is like describing a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous in Beverley Hills. A three-letter word sums all politicians up perfectly. It is E-G-O.

We need men who are not averse to working with human faeces to become plumbers. Similarly, we need other men who are willing to stick their fingers into a high-voltage system that connects them directly and lethally to the nearest multi-million kilowatt power station to become electricians.

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