Tuesday 22 August 2017

Kevin Myers: Today, with our country in ruins, we are still importing fishermen from half a world away

There's no right time to ask this question, so I may as well ask it now. How is it that Ireland needs to import trawler crew from Egypt? I had no idea that this was so until the terrible tragedy in Union Hall.

And I should also make it clear, before the self-appointed "anti-racism" lobby starts off with its usual rants and raves and holier-than-thouness, that the lives of the Egyptian crew-members are no less valuable than those of the Irishmen who were drowned.

And actually, I rather admire the courage, the initiative and the enterprise of these Egyptians who have come all the way to soggy Ireland to seek work. In different circumstances, I would have nothing to say about Egyptian hands on Irish vessels.

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