Friday 18 August 2017

Kevin Myers: Mighty British and French aircraft-carriers would have trouble subduing Inishbofin

Kevin Myers

The Franco-British defence treaty announced on Tuesday is one of the most important naval-accords in history: over the next 20 years, the two countries could become the proud joint-owners of the most ridiculous aircraft-carrier fleet ever built, though it might possibly be of some interest to M Steptoe & Fils.

Since it was launched 16 years ago, the French carrier, Charles de Gaulle, has set Hungarian standards of ocean-going perfection. The British, rightly annoyed by this mighty Gallic achievement, are now in the process of building TWO worthless aircraft carriers.

I don't know what the Chinese is for "What a couple of ar**holes," but if I did, it would probably sum up feelings in Peking. (Yes, Peking. That's the Cantonese pronunciation of the Chinese capital, and the way I say it, not the Mandarin way, which the Communist Party bosses insist on. I also say Rome, not Roma, Munich, not Munchen, and Copenhagen, as in O'Hagan, not Copenhavn. And naturally, Bombay).

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