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Kevin Myers: Just whose moral guidance would you prefer? That of the Pope, or Stephen Fry?

Kevin Myers

Published 21/09/2010 | 05:00

It's usually gratifying to see Stephen Fry take a public stance on anything, because then that serves as a pointer to where I should stand: in the opposite corner. In that regard, he is like Bono, or Bob Geldof, or Richard Gere, or Emma Thompson, or Sean Penn, or Susan Sarandon, et alia.

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These people seem to move in the upper reaches of the atmosphere, somewhere between the ozone layer (yes, what happened to the scare over that?) and the ionosphere: what we might call the methanosphere, where their alimentary gases form a permanent and impermeable layer of self-regarding sanctimony.

Stephen Fry is one of the 50 well-known people in British life who signed a letter to 'The Guardian' denouncing the state visit of the Pope to Britain: though the regard these secularists have for Catholic feelings was made evident in how they referred to him: as "Pope Ratzinger".

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