Monday 25 September 2017

Kevin Myers: I'm lost for words at our public service's swaggering chutzpah

Kevin Myers

Twenty-seven mon-ths into the crisis, and within just a week we find that both the banks and the civil service have been paying themselves "bonuses".

Neither organisation is in any sense solvent or self-supporting. All decision-makers know that the money they are choosing to spend on themselves -- and it is their choice -- does not exist in the space-time co-ordinates of 2010, and so must be borrowed from a future generation, who will be paying it back in 50 years, at some astronomical compound interest.

I don't know whether any financially literate, politically powerful elite has ever behaved so unscrupulously towards the unborn within a democracy. But maybe that's where the entire Irish political culture of "the right to life" actually comes from: deep within ourselves, we expect the future generation to pick up the bill for our profligacy, and we always have, and so the more there are of them, the better: to spread the load, as it were.

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