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Kevin Myers: If only Kenny's political edicts were as clear cut as his jawline

Kevin Myers

Published 07/06/2011 | 05:00

One hundred days of this Government, and the question now asks itself: have we a government at all? Have we a cabinet? Have we a Taoiseach? Or have we a vacuum within an empty space, concealed in a hole and gift-wrapped in a twine of nothingness? So what happened to all the politicians who were elected to save the Irish State?

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Have they now all been bedazzled by the toxic blandness of Barack Obama? And between them, are he and they pioneering a new form of government -- a limp-knuckle-on-the-tiller and idiot-grin-on-the-face kind of government, like the skipper of the pleasure boat in the final scene of 'Some Like it Hot', only this time suddenly sliding over the edge of Niagara Falls?

Do you know what our policy is toward the EU, the ECB, the bondholders and the assorted gauntlet of grinning footpads, assassins, muggers and crackheads that we now have to run? You do? Good. Because I don't. Haven't a clue.

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