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Tuesday 17 January 2017

Kevin Myers: Feminist meme now dominates and corrupts almost all discourse on women and violence

Kevin Myers

Published 26/05/2011 | 05:00

THIRTY years ago, the British Darwinian Richard Dawkins invented the concept of the "meme"; this is a mental "gene" that exists solely in the mind and which is transmitted throughout society.

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A meme predisposes people to believe certain things, rather as a gene predisposes people to have dark hair or be left-handed. And one meme has been utterly triumphant in western society over that time.

The meme of aggressive feminism passes through both sexes, and can cause the most atrocious corruption of decency and love. Hence the radio advertisement for Childline, which declares that if your daddy wants you to keep a secret, why then, something is wrong! Call us at Childline! Now I'm sure the Childline people are themselves decent and loving individuals, so why on Earth are they allowing this creepy, totalitarian Big Brother intrusion into the relationship between fathers and their children?

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