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Kevin Myers: Boris Johnson is more than a philanderer for whom women remove their knickers with ease, as men do the equivalent

Kevin Myers

Published 21/03/2012 | 17:00

IT's always chilling when one sees an alpha male who doesn't stick by the rules being applauded for his non-compliance.

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A charismatic man being indifferent to law, with the support of a smiling and indulgent audience, is one of the most dangerous developments in any society; for as a rule, no rule survives once rulers over-rule the rules that rule their rule.

Last weekend, in quite the most abject, lickspittle and fawning piece of journalism that I have had the misfortune to read in a very long time -- or indeed possibly ever -- the 'Sunday Times' carried a profile of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, by the journalist Andrew Gimson. That it managed to pass the rigours of the editorial process -- through sub-editor, features editor and main editor -- suggests that no one realised that what was being perpetrated was a complete violation of the usual rules of journalism.

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