Sunday 28 May 2017

Cyprus is breaking the mould. Its entire political class – facing revolt – has mutinied

It never ends, does it? The stupidity, cupidity and EUpidity of the grand scheme to promote a single currency across disparate lands and incompatible cultures of Europe are apparently bottomless.

Today Cyprus faces ruin: who knows, tomorrow Poland, as the blundering ideologues of the euro insist on the execution of their great imperial scheme, regardless of the history and the habits of the peoples whom they attempt to bring under their monetary yoke.

Russia's connection to Cyprus has been presented by the Eurologists merely as a sinister and criminal conspiracy. And no doubt the Russian mafia does use Cyprus as a staging post for its unlawful assets. But that is only part of the relationship. Russia has always looked on the Orthodox peoples of the Mediterranean as part of its cultural and religious bailiwick. That in large part was why the Crimean War was fought; and though it makes little sense to us now, it made a great deal of sense to the Orthodox peoples of southern Europe in the 1850s, as Serbs, Bulgarians and Greeks rallied to the Russian cause against Turkey, France, and the United Kingdom, (including Catholic Ireland, whose popular support for the war was as wildly enthusiastic then as it is utterly incomprehensible now).

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We can't afford to get romantic about guerrilla days in Ireland 

WHILE audiences in Dublin have been cheering the theatrical celebration of Tom Barry's 'Guerilla Days in Ireland' (mis-spelt, of course), in Belfast a bomb from so-called republican dissidents nearly killed three police officers. The failure to realise the connection between a celebration of 'good' violence in the past and 'bad' violence today has long been a chronic condition in Irish life. Whereas the myth of republican violence takes merely artistic form in some souls, in others it serves as a moral authoriser, like a virus that affects its hosts in different ways.

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