Wednesday 26 July 2017

John Drennan: The Soldiers of Destiny face potential slaughter at polls

If support for Fianna Fail continues to slide, Brian Cowen could have the nightmare of his life, says John Drennan

OUR Social Protection Minister, Eamon O Cuiv, was certainly well ahead of the game in 1996 when he warned Fianna Fail that, if it ever became "detached" from the people, it could decline swiftly from being "a national movement to a very ordinary political party with very modest support".

The last scion of the de Valera dynasty may be eccentric, but he was pretty damned prescient -- for the collapse in support for FF is now so deep-rooted that no one knows where the bottom of the market lies for the party's TDs.

The political stenographers believe that on the worst of days FF might suffer a Nama-style haircut of up to 25 seats, but the weight of the banking debacle means such "dire" predictions may be as optimistic as Brian Lenihan's budgetary maths.

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