Saturday 22 July 2017

John Drennan: Cowen loses backing of Cabinet as anger rises

Ministers preparing for possibility that FF may not survive election

John Drennan

John Drennan

The Taoiseach Brian Cowen has now lost the confidence of a majority of his Cabinet.

The abject nature of the Taoiseach's handling of the IMF bailout has ministers now openly saying "the only thing that is stopping us from doing him is that it would be utterly irresponsible to have a leadership crisis during the IMF bailout".

But such now is the anger with Mr Cowen at the top levels of the party, that one senior figure said: "Who succeeds Cowen is not an issue. If there wasn't a Budget there would be a push and he would be gone next week for the sake of change alone. After that, when it comes to the succession, people don't care anymore."

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