Sunday 23 October 2016

Zappone's march towards Peak Madness

Published 02/10/2016 | 02:30

Katherine Zappone Photo: Tom Burke
Katherine Zappone Photo: Tom Burke

I've never agreed with the lazy fallacy that Americans don't get irony.

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Seinfeld? Frasier? Larry Sanders? Larry David? The list is endless.

But it seems Katherine Zappone is doing her best to perpetuate the myth.

The increasingly ludicrous Minister for Children appeared at last week's pro-abortion march in Dublin and genuinely didn't seem to think there might be an issue. After all, just because someone is a politician doesn't mean they can't go on a march.

But just pause for a second, forget about your own views on abortion and consider the fact that we have a Minister for Children who sees nothing wrong with marching in favour of ending the life of children. If she was any denser she'd be a black hole.

I'm pro-choice, but abortion is the end of a life - that's just a fact. Yet there she was, smiling that dingbat smile of hers, seemingly utterly unaware of the sheer incongruity of someone with her job going on that march.

Some of her supporters have claimed that she was marching in a personal capacity - she has no personal capacity in this context. Frankly, it was like the Minister for Justice going on a march to call for the immediate closure of all prisons.

As tiresome as many of the pro-life arguments undoubtedly are - as soon as someone justifies their position on the basis of their religion, I tune out - the levels of hypocrisy from the Repeal side are truly sickening.

It also reminds us that both sides of this debate will never find common ground.

How can they, when one side thinks the other wants to commit murder?

In years to come, historians will look back and wonder when did we hit Peak Madness.

The Minister for Children marching for abortion will probably feature quite highly...

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