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Want to stop migrant deaths? Get tougher immigration rules

Published 03/09/2015 | 02:30

'The logical appraisal of this increasingly hellish mass migration makes it clear that the current situation is simply unworkable'
'The logical appraisal of this increasingly hellish mass migration makes it clear that the current situation is simply unworkable'

Another day and more fresh images of misery and desperation. In Calais, passengers on several London-bound Eurostar trains were stuck for hours in dark tunnels with no air conditioning or lighting because migrants had clambered on top of the carriages in a desperate attempt to get into Britain.

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In Hungary, a Government official was forced to admit that their system has been broken by 3,000 supposed 'refugees' arriving in the country every day, seeking passage to wealthier countries, such as Germany. This has led to the closure of the main train station in Budapest and clashes between migrants and local police are increasingly common and increasingly violent.

In Greece, another 4,000 migrants landed on the mainland after securing a boat from the island of Lesbos.

Then, most powerfully, there's the heart-rending shot of the dead child on the beach in the Turkish resort of Bodrum, an image so visceral it stops you in your tracks and could well be the 'napalm girl' moment of our age.

That's just a random review of the last 24 hours across Europe as the continent continues to slide further into division and rancour while governments bicker, migrants continue to arrive in unsustainable numbers and pessimistic observers declare this as the beginning of the end of the EU experiment.

As Germany struggles to cope with an estimated 800,000 migrants this year alone, it is no surprise that Frau Merkel has decided to get tough with those European countries which, she feels, aren't pulling their weight.

Meanwhile, Austria's dire threats to 'punish' Britain for its apparent reluctance to accept more migrants will only lead to further calls from UK Eurosceptics, such as the impressive Tory MEP Daniel Hannon, to leave the EU, which would be a disaster for this country.

In fact, just about every possible scenario seems to bring with it the promise of disaster.

There will be no happy ending to this crisis and in the absence of either logic or a willingness to confront unpalatable truths, we've been left with a series of mendacious guilt trips designed to morally blackmail people into supporting what is, ultimately, the eradication of sovereign borders. That can be seen in the cynical and manipulative way Europe's - and our own - shameful treatment of the Jews during the run-up to the Holocaust has become an increasingly popular weapon to silence people with an opposing view.

The obvious difference is that the Jewish refugee crisis in the '30s and early '40s was a European crisis involving European victims and European oppressors. This current situation, contrary to popular wisdom, is not a European crisis. It is an African and Middle Eastern crisis (with added players from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan), which Western countries are now expected to deal with.

The logical appraisal of this increasingly hellish mass migration makes it clear that the current situation is simply unworkable.

The 800,000 people that Germany has to deal with this year is merely a drop in the ocean.

There are literally millions of people, from the Levant to Lahore, who dream of a better life for themselves in Europe, and while that is perfectly understandable, either we have borders or we don't. Either we have a health service (such as it is) or we don't. Similarly, the same points can be made about our housing, social welfare and education networks.

These are already creaking under the pressure of the indigenous population and it is profoundly irrational to complain about a lack of social housing one day and then call for more refugees/migrants the next. After all, this would obviously put more pressure on overworked systems until, like a dangerous game of Jenga, everything collapses.

We should look to Australia, a country routinely accused of having a racist immigration policy.

Asylum seekers and refugees are diverted to an island off the coast of Papua New Guinea where their applications are then processed. They never set foot on Australian soil until they have been approved and for all the criticisms about the way they treat their asylum seekers, there have been no deaths in transit to that country this year.

They may not specialise in feel-good platitudes in Australia, but they don't have dead babies washing up on their shores, either.

The blood of that child, and all the others who have died making the journey to mainland Europe, is on the hands of those deluded ideologues who persist in creating a climate where migrants know the risk is worth it.

Stop the attraction and we stop the migration, which will stop the deaths.

That may not be a popular opinion.

But it's the right one.

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