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Ian O'Doherty: We will not tolerate intolerance

Published 30/11/2011 | 06:00

Scullygate, as no one other than myself is calling it, continues to rumble on and the reaction we have seen is, quite frankly, completely mad.

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Darren Scully, former mayor of Naas, has been in the proverbial merde after his intemperate comments about being reluctant to assist black constituents because he has found them to be uniformly rude and overly quick to play the race card.

This has resulted in the destruction of his career in politics as well as leading to death threats against him and his family.

And now it looks like he's going to lose his job on top of everything else.

As Scully continues to be the subject of a completely ridiculous Gardaí investigation after a complaint was made about his remarks by the cynical and self-serving Labour TD Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, it emerged yesterday in the Evening Herald that he has also been reportedly suspended from his job at an engineering firm.

So class -- let's tally up the damage, shall we?

You have a part-time politician speaking his mind on a section of his constituency and a) he loses his gig as mayor; b) he and his family face a barrage of threats and intimidation and; c) the mob starts to compete amongst themselves to see who can be the most vile and vicious towards the man.

We've been here before, of course -- Nazi bloody Germany, where people with views that went against the accepted doctrine were ostracised from society.

Still, don't say that to the liberals who want him prosecuted -- you might hurt their precious feelings.

Now that's what you call ingratitude

Where do you stand on the death penalty?

Frankly, I've been an opponent of capital punishment all my life, even though as I get older there is an increasing list of people whose heads I would happily put a bullet through.

Indeed, the fact that certain states in America still operate an execution chamber is a stain on that great country's character -- but some people really need to know when they've just had a slice of luck.

Take the case of double murderer Gary Haugen who was on death row in Oregon.

However, the governor, John Kitzhaber, is an opponent of the death penalty and has made a vow that there will be no executions while he is in office.

So, was Haugen grateful?

Um, not quite.

In fact, he called the governor a "coward", boasting that he didn't "have the balls to pull the trigger".

Sheesh -- honestly, you would be forgiven for thinking that Kitzhaber is now on the verge of reversing his decision and wants to pull the switch himself.

After all, nobody likes anyone who refuses to say please or thank you.

When will they learn?

Coming home from work last week, there was a female cyclist lying prone on Harold's Cross Bridge having just been knocked down.

Anyone who has ever arrived at the scene of an accident just after it happened will know the shock, the horror and sense of sheer dread that comes with the experience. It was with some relief that the people who were trying to help her greeted the firefighters who arrived on the scene -- although I was shocked to see the number of people who gathered just to rubberneck.

And for a brief moment I felt extreme sympathy for cyclists, not exactly an emotion I'm normally saddled with.

Then later on the same evening, while out walking the dogs, we were nearly creamed by a cyclist who whizzed past us -- with his arms folded across his chest, no lights or reflectors to be seen anywhere on the bike and wearing a pair of those big-ass headphones that wannabe DJs are fond of.

Seriously -- when will some cyclists realise that one of the basic rules of physics states unequivocally that when a bicycle hits a car, then the car wins?

It's really not that difficult.

Oh dear. Here we go again

The debate between Creationism and Evolution is as daft as it is pointless.

After all, while there are still aspects of evolution that we still don't fully understand -- that's the joy of science, after all. The idea of some god creating the heavens and earth and punking all of us by placing fake fossils in the ground is just too absurd to take seriously. Let's put it this way, if Sarah Palin believes in it, then you know the obvious position to take is the opposing one.

Now academics at University College London have complained that a growing number of medical students are refusing to attend lectures which mention Evolution and Darwinism, because, as one of the dissenters points out, these are incompatible with the Koran.

Now, frankly, I don't care if you believe in the Jolly Green Giant, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Jesus or Mohammed, but do you really want to be treated by a doctor who thinks the world is 6,000 years old and doesn't trust any branch of science that clashes with his faith?

Nope, me neither.

Really? Well, he'll get no sympathy here

You may not remember the name of Jonathan Bloomfield, but I sure do.

He was the lowlife who was filmed repeatedly punching his terrified, whimpering dog in the head.

A neighbour filmed him and the footage led to him being banned from owning animals for 15 years -- a ridiculously soft sentence.

But now he wants compensation -- for his privacy being breached.

He says: "If the neighbour had a problem then they should have gone to the police or the RSPCA rather than putting this up online. I'm an animal lover."

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