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Ian O'Doherty: But it's their right!

Published 11/01/2013 | 06:00

Well, that was a game changer, wasn't it?

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I am referring, of course, to the landmark decision in which a blogger has apologised for what he wrote about Declan Ganley and made a donation to charity.

Now, I know Ganley isn't everyone's cup of hemlock, but nobody deserves the abuse he has received online over the last few years.

The fact that the offending blogger was actually a journalist who is supposed to know better just makes it worse.

Unless, of course, they think having a blog and being on Twitter makes them a 'citizen journalist'.

Ganley's lawyer says he has been inundated with enquiries from other people who have suffered similar abuse at the hands of the trolls who live under the electronic bridge.

Already there have been cries of woe from bloggers who say this will kill their freedom of expression.

Hmmm, let's ponder that one for a second, shall we?

So the guy who constantly referred to me as a paedophile was merely exercising his freedom of expression?

Expect some pretty hilarious cases coming your way soon.

Oh for God's sake

I tuned into TV3's documentary, The Tenements the other night.

Presented by Bryan Murray, it promised to be a fascinating insight into the Dubliner who lived in one of the worst slums in Europe.

The living conditions were unbelievably bad and as someone who would have had family who lived in these kips, I was fascinated.

And then it happened.

Just when I thought TV3 had made a programme that was both entertaining and informative they turned the whole thing into a reality show by introducing us to a modern Dublin family who were going to live as slum dwellers to see what it was like.


Can we not have at least one show that isn't a bloody reality programme?

What a missed opportunity . . .

Aw, was Gerry feeling poorly?

Really, they just make it too easy at times.

Take Gerry Adams, defender of the poor and the sick and heroic, defiant opponent of privatisation of health care in Ireland, who had a health scare recently.

So he went . . . to a private hospital in America.

Now, I know we have come to expect nothing but rank hypocrisy from the Shinners. But for Adams to come into our country, start to lecture us about how the health service is run and then bugger off to the States when he needs help is taking the digestive.

At least we can probably predict it wasn't heart trouble, because has never displayed signs of having one before.

More Ugandan affairs, anyone?

With the exception of professional do-gooders who tend to be extremely rich and those pious types who like to feel morally superior to everyone else, most of us realise that foreign aid is largely a waste of money.

And we saw perfect proof of that when it emerged that four million of our Euro was found to be resting in the account of a Ugandan government official.

The money has now been returned and will go to a good home – Uganda again.

But this time it will be different, oh yes sir.

Because this time we are told "the Ugandan government will not be involved".

Oh. That's okay then.

Quick question – how many Irish nurses could be hired for four million quid?

Just a thought.

That's the spirit

We all do silly things when we're younger. And some of us don't stop as we get older.

Take 23-year-old Alex Bowden from Darwin, Australia.

He was playing with some mates and a bunch of fireworks when he decided the smartest thing to do would be . . . to put one up his backside.

As he says with admirable restraint: "I realised I had made a mistake. There was clearly a problem around the back and a smell of burning. I screamed a bit, and there were some 'f' words, but doctors tell me I'm in a stable condition."

He might be from Darwin, but I reckon it's the Darwin Awards that he's heading for.

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