Sunday 23 October 2016

Good week for period dramas

Published 16/08/2015 | 02:30

Forget about a game of two halves, this was a week of two periods.

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One may have been the product of a vaguely demented billionaire's fevered imagination, but one definitely happened - because everyone saw it, whether they wanted to or not.

Marathon runner Kiran Ghandi announced that she ran the London marathon without a tampon because: "You can't tell a marathoner to clean themselves up, or to prioritise the comfort of others. On the marathon course, I could choose whether or not I wanted to participate in this norm of shaming."

God forbid anyone should ever tell a deluded activist to 'prioritise the comfort of others' because that would obviously be a phallocentric attempt to deligitimise the agency of a strong, independent woman who wants to have the right to let her blood run free. Or something.

Inevitably, she has been hailed as a heroine by those poor souls who suffer from the ailment known as being hard of thinking.

Maybe I'm not exactly the target market, what with never having had a period myself. But when I saw a woman running a marathon with blood running down her legs, posing the usual hygiene and health issues that entails, I didn't think - wow, what an inspirational woman.

I didn't, to my eternal shame, immediately think that I simply haven't been spending enough time thinking about periods and how I must be more sensitive to women in future.

No, I compared her to all those runners dressed as Tellytubbies and assumed she just had a really lazy fancy dress costume...

My bad.

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