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Friday 26 August 2016

Barack Obama - is he the worst American President yet?

Published 30/07/2014 | 02:30

President and incorrect: Barack Obama opens the borders
President and incorrect: Barack Obama opens the borders
Doggy don’t don’t: terriers on the offensive

For those of us who love America and genuinely believe that it's the finest country on earth, there is something terribly depressing about the fact that its own president doesn't seem to share that feeling.

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When Obama first came on the scene, he seemed to herald some sort of a new beginning for the US.

But the people who voted for Obama weren't necessarily voting for him. They were voting for what he represented. He constantly parped on about 'change' and 'hope' and his chances were greatly increased by the antics of the ludicrous 'Birther' movement which became fixated on the mysterious whereabouts of his birth cert. In fact, if you spent any time listening to some of these loons you might be convinced that Barack Hussein Obama - as they insisted on referring to him - was a drug-addled, Marxist Muslim who was installed to destroy traditional America.

Many of those people were entirely mad, of course, and the allegations about him being some sinister mole intent on wrecking America frequently stemmed from little more than the fact that he wasn't white.

But it's becoming increasingly clear that his critics were right, even if many of them were right for the wrong reason.

Obama is, simply put, a disgrace to the office he holds and, as the litany of scandals, incompetence, arrogance and political chicanery abound, we are currently witnessing a sight none of us have ever seen in our lifetime - a president who apparently hates his own country.

As much as the nuttier critics would never accept him because he's black, an even larger slice of his supporters would never turn their back on him because, well, he's black.

But it wouldn't matter if he had green hair, Day-Glo polka-dot skin and only communicated through the medium of interpretative dance. He has done more to damage both the office and his country than any other president since Nixon.

Forget about all the scandals - the IRS, Benghazi, the disastrous snafu with deserter Bo Bergdahl while veterans who actually served their country with valour live in squalor. They are all genuine scandals but no two-term president is going to last eight years without a few skeletons coming out and doing the Macarena on his reputation. The reason he's such a terrible, disgraceful president is the simple fact that he has effectively opened the borders to millions of undocumented people and yesterday saw the latest mass rally of illegal immigrants outside the White House.

Not a rally in support of illegal immigrants, you understand. No, thousands of people who have no right to be in the country rocked up, safe in the knowledge that they face no punishment in Obama's vision of an open-borders America.

Now he has come out and hinted that he may issue an executive order providing amnesty for six million illegals - and, inevitably, accuses anyone who disagrees of being a racist and a bigot.

Many of you who are reading this today will either have a visa for the States or await one. But why bother with all the hassle, the queueing and the remarkably dumb questionnaire you have to fill out?

No, instead get your ass to Mexico and walk through the non-existent border.

Just tell them Obama sent you.

Must hate dogs...

The Commonwealth Games is hardly the kind of event to quicken the blood. But it was reassuring the note that there are still some people who can be offended by anything. Last Friday's opening ceremony saw each nation led out by a Scottie terrier and everyone agrees that these adorable mutts stole the show. Well, nearly everyone.

A Malaysian politician Mohamad Sabu (wadda ya mean ya never heard of him?) has condemned the presence of the dogs at the event, saying that: "Malaysia and all Islamic countries deserve an apology from the organiser."

He then went on to say that the presence of the dogs during the Holy month of Ramadan was "particularly offensive".

Why? Was he annoyed that he couldn't eat them because he was fasting?

Still, I guess we learned one thing about the Muslim attitude to dogs from all of this - they are obviously cat people.

Where did it go?

Well, that was short and sweet and all too painfully brief, wasn't it? In much the same way that we try to convince ourselves that our politicians have even half a clue about what they're up to, we all managed to delude ourselves into thinking this summer could be a repeat of last year. Then, if memory serves correctly, the sun shone constantly for several months, everybody was insanely happy and Ireland became a Mediterranean island which, if we're honest, is where we would all love to be.

As it happened, last week saw some cracking days. But it was a bit like a beautiful, if unavailable, girl, showing you a glimpse of her thigh - it looks lovely but you know that's all you're going to get.

As I stood at the barbecue in the rain on Sunday, calmly asking the Gods to come up with new and hideous punishments for the people in Met Eireann, I was struck by the smells of the neighbourhood wafting through the drizzle.

Everybody, it seemed, had decided that something as paltry as the weather wasn't going to stop them burning their food to a cinder al fresco.

It was a heroic, if rather futile act of defiance from the people in the area and one which was undoubtedly repeated up and down 
the country, where the weather seemed to provide varying degrees of awfulness.

In fact, as I stood there in the rain, furiously refusing to accept defeat in the face of the squalling rain (even my dogs stood in the kitchen, staring out in contempt at the idiot in shorts and upturned hoodie swearing in the back garden), I realised one thing.

When we decide to cook outside, we will cook outside, regardless of the obviously inclement weather.

In fact, when you walk through the average housing estate and smell the glorious scent of badly carbonised hunks of what used to be meat being served up by grumpy men (it's always men) to reluctant families, the correct collective noun for Irish people who insist on cooking in the rain becomes clear - a stubborn of barbecues.

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