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Bald men and a comb?

Published 21/06/2015 | 02:30

One again, we find our gaze wandering north, where the wild and crazy guys in Norn Iron insist on providing immense entertainment for those of us with an interest in the daft, the demented and the downright deranged.

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Fresh from disgracing the name of Northern Ireland around the world with the decision to stitch up a conservative bakery in the name of tolerance, a new row has developed, and this one promises to be rich in comic potential.

Pastor James McConnell walked into a world of hurt last year when he appeared on the Nolan Show on BBC and referred to Islam as "Satanic... heathen" and, for good measure, "a doctrine born of Hell".

This has caused some consternation, as you can imagine, and he was informed this week that he would be prosecuted for his "hate speech".

Um, really?

As the pastor gears up for the latest ridiculous court case in the North, we should all be wetting our lips.

After all, how can the pastor be proven right or wrong in a courtroom?

Are they going to call satan as an expert witness for the defence who will tell the judge that, yes, he's the guy behind Islam?

Are they going to call Mohammed to tearfully deny that he is in league with the devil?

This is what happens when two essentially totalitarian dogmas - religion and political correctness - collide, because they share a common irrationality. After all, surely all religions believe that they are the one true faith and all the rest are going to rot in eternal damnation?

If ever there was a case where we hoped both sides could lose, this is surely it.

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