Sunday 23 July 2017

Little Nicky Sarko and the naughty Irish

The French leader is treating us like naughty schoolkids after the 'No' vote, writes Gene Kerrigan

WHO'D have thought it? Who'd have guessed that Monsieur Nicolas Paul Stephane Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocsa, President of France, would turn into a wimp?

The man who was flagged as the tough guy who'd put manners on us has embarrassed Brian Cowen. He's split Fianna Fail. He's made Eamon Gilmore look rebellious. He's given Enda Kenny a shot of testosterone. He's given every two-bit backbencher in the country the right to treat him as a punchbag. Big Bad Sarkozy has turned into Little Nicky Sarko.

After the Lisbon Treaty was voted down, by the only electorate in Europe allowed vote on it, Mr Sarkozy announced he was coming over to talk to us. It's like when a schoolteacher (Brian Cowen) loses control of the class (us) and the headmaster (Big Bad Sarkozy) comes stomping down the corridor, eyes ablaze beneath his fearsome brow.

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