Wednesday 28 June 2017

Gene Kerrigan: Relax, we're out of the woods -- again

Two economists are mildly upbeat about Ireland's future -- but Gene Kerrigan has heard this one before

DID you see the good news? Apparently, we're out of the woods. As the Irish Independent headline put it: "Resilient Ireland plays cards right to ensure happy ending." And the Irish Times: "Markets are making the wrong call on Ireland's debt." And the Financial Times: "Ireland's unexpected economic comeback."

Out came the breakfast champagne. The Tiger had returned! By lunchtime, I'd bought two London hotels and put the missus on the waiting list for a seven-grand handbag at Brown Thomas. By that evening, myself and this week's supermodel were hopping off the private jet in Marrakech, ravenous for a kefta magawara on a bed of couscous. Then, back to Dublin by dawn, me already on the iPhone 5 (Steve Jobs gave me the loan of an advance prototype, he values my opinion).

It was while I was closing my third Bulgarian real-estate deal of the morning that I noticed that all three articles mentioned above were. . . well, they were the same article. (Being a busy little tiger, I find it tedious to actually read all that grey stuff; I usually rely on the headlines to clue me in.)

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