Wednesday 23 August 2017

Gene Kerrigan: Our plea for sanity falling on deaf ears

His voice carried in its very timbre the burden of great responsibility. His words raised immeasurable hope within his listeners. Abraham Lincoln spoke of a whole continent alive with possibilities. "We must work hard and together," he said, "to renovate, to restore and to renew our Union . . . It is in that spirit of doing, that spirit of renewing, that Ireland . . ."

Oops, sorry. My desktop's a mess and I've mixed up my Abraham and my Enda speeches. Easy to do. Our Glorious Leader was in fine form last week, as he lauded "the spirit of doing". He stood in front of the European Parliament and emoted in all directions about how "our Atlantic island" has "long been at the heart of Europe". Mr Kenny spoke of how "in the sixth and seventh centuries our monks, Columbanus and Killian among their number, left in their small boats to bring the light of learning to the European mind".

No harm reminding those French savages that it was the Irish who raised them from the muck and taught them the difference between Merlot and Sauvignon. And we're not done yet with civilising them. "Today Ireland keeps that faith with our continent, with our Union of peoples . . ."

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