Wednesday 28 June 2017

Gene Kerrigan: Harney didn't create chaos on her own

The debacle at Tallaght Hospital is not a once-off, we've been on this road for years, writes Gene Kerrigan

Mary Harney is right. Although she has political responsibility for Tallaght Hospital, a minister can't be expected to personally ensure that every letter is opened and every X-ray is inspected by the appropriate doctor. She's right about that and nothing else.

The Opposition demands she come home from her two-week junket -- why? Harney is a political dinosaur and the further she remains from our health service the better -- and New Zealand sounds about right.

The Tallaght Hospital debacle isn't a once-off. Thousands of GPs letters weren't opened for up to seven years and -- guess what -- the resulting delays set off no alarm bells. It fitted right in to a public health service where delay and chaos are not just tolerated, but expected.

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