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Saturday 27 December 2014

Gene Kerrigan: A hard reign should be made to fall. . . 

There was a total power cut at Leinster House at about 5pm on Friday. All power and phone lines went dead. A number of French diplomats present -- and about to leave after a visit to the Taoiseach's office -- must have been nervous, if only for a short while. Unable to leave, perhaps they joked about the Irish Government being unable to pay its electricity bill. Or, an uneasy thought -- was this, at last, a sign that the "fighting Irish" had thrown off their fear and timidity?

Gene Kerrigan: Power structure preserved in a crisis 

FOR a while I couldn't recognise what it was about the Occupy Dame Street protesters that irritated me. Was it their naivety? Their arrogance? The way some of them imperiously dismiss the timidity of the rest of us, those they call 'the sheeple'? Then, I began to remember another time of social upheaval, when Dylan said the times, they were a-changing. And some of us grew beards for a while and wore peace signs, and marched for this and against that.

Gene Kerrigan: Latest ingenious way to save money 

One of the first stories I covered, over 30 years ago, was about an angry disabled man from Ballymun. Not only was the disability allowance a pittance, but each year he had to be inspected to ensure the disability hadn't gone away. This applied even to people who -- like this man -- had limbs amputated. To guard against fraud, to enforce austerity measures, the State solemnly confirmed that the legs of the permanently disabled hadn't grown back.

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