Monday 25 September 2017

Heroic Bertie rides into the sunset, foes all in disarray

ALL political dramas are westerns. Last weekend Bertie Ahern's enemies were planning to finish him off with a high noon -- or high jump. And while I was determined to be the last man standing at his side, I knew he had no hope.

So I watched with heavy heart as he stood, like a little Cuchullainn, circled by enemies, waiting for the end. But then, in a sudden, supreme stroke of strategic genius, he holstered his gun, handed his star to Brian Cowen, and rode into the sunset.

This left the townspeople looking at his media tormentors. Without Ahern in the way they could see what a nasty bunch they were. And under the public's grim gaze the hired guns of the media began to back away, blustering about how Bertie had been a great sheriff.

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