Saturday 21 October 2017

Eoghan Harris: Public inquiry calls will raise the beast of sectarianism

Eoghan Harri

Last Thursday I launched James Flynn's Life of Fr James Anderson OSA, a famous 19th Century nationalist priest, in St Augustine's Church, Drogheda. Naturally my remarks ranged from Colm Keaveney's resignation to my reservations about the Finucane family's call for a public inquiry.

Later I had a chat with Fr Iggy Donovan, who got into hot water for inviting Protestant clergy to a Mass in 2006, and Donnacha Mac Raghnaill, a stern critic of the Provo campaign and chairman of the Labour Party in Drogheda. As both men like straight talk I told them what I thought.

Just as weak people cause more trouble than strong people, so weak governments do more damage than strong governments. That is why I respect both Pat Rabbitte for holding the hard line, and Colm Keaveney for walking the walk. But I hope the Labour wobblers lose their seats.

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