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A Christmas visit to my sweet Cork on the Lee

Published 22/12/2013 | 02:30

Cork city
Cork city

Last week I spent two days in my native city of Cork, which I left when I was 20. I stayed at the Imperial Hotel like a tourist, acting as my own guide to some landmarks of my youth. As compensation for the mushy bits that follow you will learn that I have solved the mystery of why Roy Keane is the way he is, and my original theory about the origin of the Cork slang term "langer".

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We took the train. The noise of the non-stop announcements made normal conversation nearly impossible. But in between, Gwen approvingly read out bits of an interview with Roy Keane.

A dog lover herself, Gwen claims his passion for canines makes up for Saipan. As I have not quite accepted his half-apology I drew her attention to Roy's refreshingly bracing view of the basics of a good marriage. "Having a dog in your house makes it a home."

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