Thursday 23 February 2017

Nationalism driving our neighbours demented

Declan Lynch

Declan Lynch

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It would seem in a superficial sense that Ireland is now situated between two great nations which have gone completely barking mad. That with Trump to the right of us, and Brexit also to the right of us, no more are we the ones apparently demented by the furies of nationalism.

In this new dispensation, when Paddy looks at himself in the mirror he no longer sees that deeply immature fellow who has always relied on the services of a George Mitchell-type envoy to calm him down, he sees someone who is starting to resemble Mitchell himself - sober, phlegmatic, the designated driver. Someone who may have something to contribute here.

In truth, of course we haven't a clue what to do, but then maybe Mitchell didn't have a clue either. Maybe his gift was just to convey this aura of wisdom and restraint, to keep talking and talking until the furies - and indeed Davey Arthur - had passed.

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