Tuesday 26 September 2017

David Robbins: Lights, camera and centre stage at all times, darling

I have been lucky enough, if that's the word, to have been thrown into close proximity to many actors over the years. I have seen them at work and at play, on stage, back stage and offstage. And, while my research has not reached any definitive conclusions, I feel at least qualified to say this: they're a strange bunch.

Take a summer's night not long ago. There I was, in a restored farmhouse in the Tarn region of France, at a birthday party. About me chatted the cream of the ex-pat community of the area. There were artists, writers and a good smattering of what you might call professional Englishmen.

The omens for the evening were good. The food promised much, the host had managed to find a Gaillac wine that didn't strip your palate off, and there was a pleasant buzz of bonhomie in the air.

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