Friday 2 December 2016

David McWilliams: Blame 'Arab Spring' for high prices at the pumps

Published 15/06/2011 | 05:00

WHAT is the connection between the women and children being bundled over the Syrian border and the price of petrol at your local garage? How could it be that Syria, a country with no oil, might affect the price of that most precious of commodities? There have been many internal conflicts in Syria, yet not one has ever affected the price of oil, so why now?

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Yesterday, as I filled my car and listened to the radio about the acrimonious OPEC meeting in Vienna, it was clear that if these petrol prices don't stop going upwards we -- not just in Ireland, but also all over the world -- are going to grind to a halt!

But why should petrol prices be going up?

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