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The Week-ipedia: Be a deer and clean up after your canine pals

Published 27/07/2014 | 02:30

Deer are beneficial for the environment.
Deer are beneficial for the environment.
Molly Malone

Apart from being indescribably cute and a staple feature of any good Fionn McCumhaill story, deer are also beneficial for the environment.

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A 10-year study has shown that, contrary to misconception, they don't damage forests and hinder a healthy biodiversity. On the contrary, they prevent some plants from taking over delicate ecosystems in our oak forests.

Thus, Trinity College scientists concluded, deer shouldn't be fenced in or regularly culled.

Good news for Bambi and chums, bad news for those ridiculous eejits who dress in combats and think shooting at a defenceless animal in some way constitutes 'sport'. 

But not all animals spread joy and happiness; some just spread, well, an awful mess.

Beaches in Lahinch and Kilkee, Co Clare have been fitted with motion-detecting tannoys which remind dog-owners to clean up after the pets.

"Attention, human guardians: please doggie - don't forget to bag that doggie-doo!"


Irish writers

One Irish author — Niall Williams — and one Irish-American — Joseph O’Neill — made the Booker Prize long-list. We’ll also claim Englishman David Mitchell and Australian Richard Flanagan. The former lives in Cork, the latter couldn’t have a more Irish-sounding name if it was Spuds O’Hooligan.

Robert Downey Jr

The 49-year-old is Hollywood’s highest paid actor, earning an incredible $75 million over two years. Interestingly, the films — Iron Man, that Avengers thing — were pure gibberish. God be with the days when Bob was more famous for great art and entertaining meltdowns.


Sandymount Strand

OMG! One of, like, the noicest beaches in Dublin is, like, dirty or something? The City Council issued a temporary ban on bathing at Sandymount after a sewage overflow. One wonders if James Joyce — whose notoriously scatological novel Ulysses is partly set there — would approve or disapprove.


Adele’s toddler won a privacy case against intrusive snappers, getting a five-figure sum in damages. The suit was brought by the singer and her partner. This makes Adele unusual in celebrity circles, where they’re more likely to be found actively selling images of their beloved tots.

Headline of the week

Twenty Stone Model Is Paid To Squash Smaller Men


"The gardener that planted the flowers which will bloom"

Jerry Buttimer, Fine Gael TD, shows that satire is not dead with this tribute to James Reilly


TDs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace were arrested for breaching airport security. Or were they?

I didn't know they were filming a remake of The Scarecrow and Mrs King at Shannon Airport today?

The Molly Malone statue is vandalised within a week of her reappearance:

Why is it news now? Did people think the vandals wouldn't find her? It's a statue ffs!

One man had a solution to spiralling Priory Hall costs:

€27M to redevelop #PrioryHall?! I could get Miley Cyrus herself to come in with an actual wrecking ball and do it for less. Madness.

An obscure Austrian bodybuilder sent warm congrats to Irish fighter Conor McGregor:

Congratulations @TheNotoriousMMA on a fantastic victory yesterday. You are the McGregor-nator.

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