Friday 24 February 2017

Man's best friends can be the worst because all dogs go to heaven

Billy Keane

Billy Keane

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Cara died eight years ago and she's a great loss to us, but at the start I wasn't that gone on her. I was trying my best to give Cara away or even leave her in a basket outside an orphanage.

I found her lying face-upright outside our house. The vet said it was a massive heart attack. She was 19 in human years, which is very old in dog years. That was very good, we were told, for a Papillon.

Like I say, I didn't like her at the start. Cara was an informer. It was my custom 20 years ago to stay out late at night after I finished a long shift in our pub. I was always thrown out in good time by my mother but I did find a place where there were late drinks served. This was a gift that I have always had, ever since I first started drinking.

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