Wednesday 20 September 2017

We cannot be crucified on a cross of frugality: only growth can save us

The Budget was more horse-trading than strategy -- but we need a concrete jobs plan, writes Willie O'Dea

The words of Jonathan Swift should have been echoing in our ears last week as we anticipated both the Budget and the latest EU Council meeting: "Expect nothing and you will not be disappointed."

In both cases, the expectations far outweighed the outcomes. In the case of the Noonan/Howlin Budget, we learned that the kite-flying of the previous weeks had been done on ministerial hot air.

On one side we had Social Protection Minister Joan Burton stalking the corridors like a modern-day Maxwell Smart, waiting to pounce on passing journalists to tell them that the Labour Party is stopping Fine Gael doing A, B and C and to make sure to mention that she had led the charge.

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