Tuesday 27 June 2017

Video: Queen of Fleet Street made News Corp her life

Despite her resignation, Murdoch's right-hand woman will remain very much in the public eye, writes Donal Lynch

In most cases, a resignation is the surest way to take an individual at the centre of a scandal out of the cauldron of public opprobrium. You go quietly with your tail between your legs and everyone backs off for a while. For one Rebekah Brooks, however, that rule is unlikely to hold.

The one-time Queen of Fleet Street resigned from her lofty position in News International on Friday morning, and still the press feasted on her career's corpse -- waving her out the door with glossaries of her contradictory quotes and some hand-wringing.

The London political elite is not finished with her either. This coming Tuesday, in the hottest ticket since Adele at the Olympia, she will be interrogated by members of a parliamentary committee who will doubtless regard themselves as "the voice of a nation's fury" -- a position held for so long by Brooks herself.

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