Monday 25 September 2017

Tied to the rack as EU tightens thumbscrews

Ireland is being tortured by Europe in several different ways, the most dangerous of which are those where the 'torture' masquerades as 'help'. Like the rack, the process will be ratcheted up each day of this coming week.

There may well be other instruments applied to the process, like the thumbscrew or the water-torture used currently against 'terrorists'; but, however it is done, the end-result is intended to impose upon Ireland conformity with the forthcoming summit's attempt at forced adoption of the 'enhanced co-operation procedure'.

This is only one of several crisis-points that face the new Government and will test Enda Kenny, Michael Noonan and Eamon Gilmore to the limits. It is the first that needs to be dealt with, however, because it is already being treated with misleading simplicity that emphasises Ireland's success, so far, in holding on to its corporation tax rate.

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