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The silenced majority haven't gone away, they're just still silent

Published 17/06/2007 | 00:00

PROOF, if it were needed, that our broadcast media is infested with leftie liberals came by way of a Broadcasting Complaints Commission decision read out immediately prior to an edition of Liveline last week.

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The summary of the decision, given against an edition of Liveline hosted by stand-in Evelyn O'Rourke, found that RTE "did not ensure that adequate representation was given to both sides" of a full-length programme on the rights and wrongs of homosexual parenting and fostering.

In effect, the commission found that RTE had put on a phalanx of callers irate with journalist Hermann Kelly, who had written an article critical of homosexuality as it relates to the hot-button topic of marriage, adoption and fostering.

Moreover, the commission was unhappy that O'Rourke led the chorus of disapproval against the writer of the article and "did not let him respond" to a number of callers, and that she compounded this partiality by using the assertions of the pro-homosexual callers "to address them to Mr Kelly", eg "now, Hermann, in terms of background to this piece . . . David thinks you have an axe to grind".

The commission continued: "Subsequent questions [by O'Rourke] included, 'Hermann . . . were you told what to write or did you write it yourself?'; 'genuinely, hands up, this is your opinion?'; and 'you didn't get an email from your editor saying stir it up a bit, we need to raise sales?'"

It's a nugget in RTE's response to the commission, however, relating to the four complaints against this edition of Liveline , that perfectly exemplifies the biased, liberal and censorious nature of all broadcasters in the State, to a lesser or greater degree.

In its defence, on why so few callers were put on to support Hermann Kelly's negative stance towards homosexual adoption and fostering, RTE stated: ". . . many of the callers were in support of Mr Kelly's views; however, the majority of these callers were homophobic in their views which were unfit for broadcasting.

"If RTE were to air these type of views there would be a real danger of breaching prohibitions relating to incitement to hatred."

Put it another way. If a journalist or pro-homosexual activist writes an article promoting homosexual rights, three guesses whether Liveline would devote an entire programme rubbishing the article, with the presenter coaxing and cajoling irate callers to put the boot in. The silenced majority: they haven't gone away you know.

Eoin McMahon

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