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The Madness of Mammon by Anthony Cronin

Anthony Cronin

Published 16/03/2014 | 02:30

When Mammon finally went mad

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And refused to leave the inner palace,

His priests decided the people had become so docile

That everything could still go on as before.

And so both priests and people chanted together:

The sins of the rulers shall be visited on the people

Forever and ever.

The poorer we are, the more honest

We're required to be.

Monetary value is the only value we know.

We do not work to live. We live to work.

The expression 'wasting time' is obsolete:

There is only the problem of passing it.

Work is the best way of passing the time.

If we all work for less

Then we can all have work.

And as the people happily chanted

The priests smiled in satisfaction.

Staring into Mammon's glassy insane eyes they told him

Everything will be as it should.

There is nothing to fear.

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