Friday 21 July 2017

The glass ceiling may be cracking but the glass womb is far stronger

Yvonne Hogan

I love Sheryl Sandberg. I love that someone like her is out there inspiring young women to believe that the world is at their feet. That there is nothing standing in their way except fear. Challenging them to seek out opportunities for themselves. Teaching them that there is no glass ceiling and that if they are ballsy, confident and competent they will achieve great things.

You are the generation that will achieve equality, she told the students in the audience at the Facebook International Headquarters in Dublin yesterday. It will be there for my daughter because of you and for that I thank you.

I believe a lot of the things that Sandberg professes, with one big qualification. I believe that there is nothing standing in a woman's way career-wise, until she has children, that is. There may not be a glass ceiling, but there is a very solid glass womb.

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