Saturday 19 August 2017

The first generation of sperm donor babies is coming of age. And their voices are going to be heard...

Medb Ruane

Dr Kirk Maxey felt so sorry for childless people he became a sperm donor. The deal was total anonymity for him, with no responsibility.

Ten years later, Kirk and his wife began to wonder. What would happen if their child fell in love with a half-sibling? Hundreds had been born, most of them growing up relatively nearby.

"I've done the calculator math, which is all I can do in my position with how secretively this was done," he said. "I really never will know but I can calculate it. It's 200 to 400 and it all depends upon the assumptions you make. There may be 100 young women in our area that are basically my son's age that are his half-siblings." They knew nothing of each other.

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