Friday 23 June 2017

Setting public vs private is just family bickering

Finola Kennedy believes small family firms, as well as large public enterprises, have a role to play in economic revival

IN a broad sense, the public sector comprises those who are paid directly from the public purse. Payees may be divided into three categories.

Firstly, there are 308,000 public sector workers who account for a total pay bill of €16bn, or an average of €52,000. The individual range of pay is from around €25,000 to more than €200,000.

Secondly, there are 103,000 pensioners who share a public pension pot of €2.2bn, or an average of €21,700. Some of these pensioners will also qualify for a PRSI pension of €11,900, bringing their annual income to €33,600.

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