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Really, Luke – the farce is with you

Published 13/05/2013 | 05:00

Luke "Ming" Flanagan

Considering he's supposed to be the ultimate anti-establishment candidate, Luke 'Ming' Flanagan appears to be quite adept at working the system.

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He showed how adept he was at using the fine print of the law when he got his penalty points written off while apparently on his way to the Dail.

Funnily enough, Mr Flanagan didn't clock in to the Dail, or subsequently register his presence, that fateful day when he was travelling to Dublin on a bank holiday in June 2011 and was stopped by gardai for driving while using a mobile phone.

He was entitled to do so, as he was in Leinster House for a meeting, even on a non-sitting day, but didn't.

Yet when he was in Morocco on an all-expenses paid junket, he marked himself present in Leinster House. Nothing wrong with that, and well within the rules.

Curious behaviour, that's all, for a TD who sets himself apart from the rest.

Mr Flanagan was one of those who benefited from the collapse of Fianna Fail support at the last general election, picking up a seat previously held by the party. Pledging a different type of politics, Mr Flanagan hasn't turned out all that different to the crowd that went before him.

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