Tuesday 28 February 2017

Our feline friends finally get the recognition they truly deserve

Cats are uncooperative and inscrutable, but last week we learnt that they can be superheroes too, says Jemima Lewis

Jemima Lewis

Cats can be superheroes
Cats can be superheroes

Writing about cats is as hard as writing about love. You either get it or you don't. A non-cat person will never understand why this blank-eyed, unsmiling slayer of songbirds should inspire such ardour in so many of us.

They think we must be mad to worship a creature that gives so little back. They think cats are incapable of returning our devotion.

We always knew they were wrong, of course – but it has taken a spectacular act of feline heroism, captured on CCTV, to prove it. The footage, which went viral after it was posted on YouTube, shows a four-year-old boy called Jeremy Triantafilo playing on his bicycle outside his house in suburban California.

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