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Thursday 20 July 2017

Nicholas Leonard: Cameron brings out sharp edge in Falklands war of words

Nicholas Leonard Westminster Watch

British prime minister David Cameron was still a teenager at Eton when General Galtieri of Argentina tried to shore up his crumbling military junta by invading the Falkland Islands in the hope of a quick and easy conquest.

Now, as the 30th anniversary of the invasion in April 1982 approaches, the rhetoric from Buenos Aires is once again being cranked up. A key presidential aide, Carlos Kunkel, put it like this: "David Cameron is pursuing a policy of piracy and aggression because at home the economy is collapsing, there are riots in London, and Scotland and Wales want to escape the English empire.

"The islanders are a transplanted people who live in an occupied British enclave. You cannot talk about self-determination in those circumstances."

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