Thursday 19 October 2017

Movies: They don’t make scary flicks like this anymore...

James Dempsey

I SAW the scariest film I’ve ever seen in 1994.

I can remember it perfectly, an abomination on a 14” television screen that changed my cinematic tastes, and my ability to sleep soundly, forever. This scaredy-cat screening took place in the home of my childhood friend Westleigh, and it was just after we’d finished running around the good sitting room pretending the floor was lava.

“Let’s watch a film,” he said. I was very keen. The lava had receded beneath the weft and weave of the carpet, and the electric blue leatherette couches had already comfortably introduced me to some very good movies. The week before had been Princess Bride, and meeting Wesley in the company of Westleigh was the most amazing film my 7 year-old self had ever seen.

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