Tuesday 27 June 2017

Merkel's revenge was our total humiliation

Her response to Ireland's 'hardball' showed ours to be a puppet government -- and guess who pulls the strings, says Jody Corcoran

Jody Corcoran

Jody Corcoran

It was a most revealing week in an age of revelation. Let us join the dots. After the coup d'etat in Rome, Mario Monti, the unelected new prime minister of Italy, a former two-term EU commissioner, appointed his Cabinet.

An academic, he named seven others of his ilk, as well as figures from the world of business, the diplomatic corps and -- a little spooky, this -- the armed forces; but nobody from politics.

His appointments were to be welcomed by the Euro elite; bankers, bureaucrats and policy wonks, who fumble still for a solution to a problem of which they are an essential part.

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