Wednesday 18 October 2017

Mary Kenny: 'Cheater' Terry to suffer the same fate as Parnell

Mary Kenny

Mary Kenny

Shock, horror! Hold the front page! Summon the preachers to denounce the sinner! A footballer has, apparently, committed adultery. Stone him!

Apart from Mr Beckham, Mr Keane, and possibly Mr Rooney, I wouldn't know a footballer if he came up and bit me. To each his own passions: I have to ask my son Patrick to explain to me what is happening in the world of sport.

But even I have been aware that the world of football has been rocked by the intelligence that John Terry, who, I believe is the captain of a team called Chelsea -- and of a team called England -- has been exposed, excoriated and denounced to high heaven for having had a sexual relationship with a lady not his wife.

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