Saturday 23 September 2017

Love is patient, love is kind, for everyone, straight or gay

'Growing Up Gay' is a documentary capturing the experiences of gay and lesbian people in modern Ireland

I Am Natasha Harney, I am 17, and the place I call home is Waterford. I live at home with my mother, father and little brother Gerard who always makes me laugh. I grew up originally with five people in the house. My grandmother lived with me all my life, but sadly she died from cancer when I was 13. I still miss her. Oh, by the way, I am gay but my sexuality is only a part of me. I'm also a daughter, an older sister, a friend, and a granddaughter who does normal stuff like other teenagers. Like I hang around with my friends, read lots of books especially every novel by Jane Austen, listen to music constantly, have mood swings, smoke too much, and have a weird addiction to caramel frappachinos (which I have to go to Dublin for!).

I think nobody should have to come out, but unfortunately that's the society we live in. So let's go back in my story to when I realised I was gay.

It all started when I was 13. Falling in love with your best friend isn't the best idea, but the heart always has a different approach to these things. It would have been a fairytale to fall in love with a boy from your childhood, but for me it was a girl. To me it was just there and it was something I could not ignore. At first I put it down to just coming into adolescence -- hormones. I would grow out of it. But months turned into years and I didn't grow out of it. The only feelings I could have were towards other women.

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