Friday 22 September 2017

Lise Hand: Micheal employs Bobby Ewing Manoeuvre to reboot his troops

At the Fianna Fail think-in yesterday, you could've cut the suspense with, well, a blunt butter-knife. Sure as eggs is eggs, the whole shebang was doomed to languish under the grim shadow of the Garglegate fiasco which exploded precisely a year ago.

The stark comparisons were there for all to see: last September the almost 100-strong party of government were cosily ensconced in the swanky Ardilaun Hotel in Galway, safe behind a ring of steel of gardai.

This year, the 30-odd survivors of March's electoral tsunami were in the Maldron Hotel in Tallaght. There was a police van parked close by, but nobody was storming the doors.

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