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Kim Bielenberg: Thatcherism - The guide for clueless 1D fans

Published 09/04/2013 | 13:34

A CONCERNED Twitter user has come to the help of One Direction fans who are blissfully unaware of Margaret Thatcher.

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@beardedgenius has produced a guide “Thatcher for One Direction fans- A simple introduction” after the former Prime Minister’s death caused bewilderment on social media.


Followers of our own Niall Horan, Harry Styles and the rest of the boys were at a loss to know who this Baroness Thatcher was after Harry tweeted: “RIP Baroness Thatcher.x”


The helpful Twitter guide outlines some of the late leader’s policies, including Margaret on the Poor:


“If Harry’s rich and lives in an expensive part of the country and the rest of the boys are poor and live in poor areas, Margaret does everything she can to make Harry’s life better and the others’ lives much worse.”


And here is the guide for One Direction fans on Maggie and “Murderous Dictators”:


“The boys live under an evil dictator who forces his people to do what he wants.  One Direction disagree with him, so he kills them.  Margaret remains friends with him and tries to make sure he won’t get into trouble.”


The clueless reaction of One Direction fans to Mrs Thatcher’s death may reinforce the view of UCD Professor Diarmaid Ferriter and others that History should continue as a compulsory subject in schools.


When Harry Styles posted his message about Baroness Thatcher’s passing, fans responded with messages such as “Is he your friend?” and “who’s that?”


One fan offered to explain: “It’s Market Thatcher something to do with our queen.”


Some younger 1D followers can perhaps be forgiven for not hearing of the Iron Lady, because they were born well over a decade after she left office.


The widespread of ignorance of Maggie was quickly celebrated with a new Tumblr site, “Wait, who is Margaret Thatcher anyway?”

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