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Jury's still out on whether 'Loose Lips Lucy' will zip it

Published 16/11/2012 | 17:00

Lucinda Creighton is no stranger to the spotlight, and has been quite adept at attracting its beam in her direction from the moment she won her seat in Dublin South East in the 2007 General Election.

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She acquired a reputation as a deputy with strong views.

But she was most probably a relieved woman to escape from the uncomfortable gaze of the legal eagles yesterday when she settled the defamation case.

She may not like the moniker of 'Loose Lips Lucy', but her brush with libel law has taught her the hard lesson that loose lips don't just sink ships but can threaten to scuttle bright political careers also.

But sparky young females are at a premium in Irish politics, and despite being no devotee of Enda Kenny, she was nonetheless appointed Minister of State for European Affairs.

Lucinda will be very busy for a crucial six months when the EU effectively comes onto her home turf.

But the High Court case could've spelled trouble for her if it had returned an unfavourable or ruinously expensive verdict.

But will it cause Lucinda to zip the lip? Well, the jury's still out on that one.

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