Sunday 24 September 2017

Jerome Reilly: Ruthless predators who bore the mark of evil

Jerome Reilly recalls the short but savage reign of Ireland's first serial killers, who planned to kill one woman a week

Serial killer and sexual predator Geoffrey Evans, who died last Sunday, cost the State well over €3m in medical care and security since he lapsed into a coma in December 2008 after suffering a stroke during heart surgery.

Evans, along with his malign partner John Shaw, planned to abduct, rape and kill one woman a week.

In 1978, both Shaw and Evans, who was considered the dominant personality in their evil enterprise, were convicted of the rape and murder of two women: Elizabeth Plunkett, a foreign exchange clerk from Ringsend in Dublin; and Mary Duffy, a fast-food cook from Belcarra just outside Castlebar, Co Mayo.

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